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Asian Noodles. Pasta. Description: Estimated Cooking Time: Arrowroot vermicelli: Thin white, semi-transparent noodles that are made from arrowroot starch.

Quick-cooking rice noodles get dressed up in a soy- and chile-sauce glaze. Garnish with chopped green onions.

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Asian Comfort Food. Don’t worry about picking out the broccoli (although you should eat your vegetables), we’ll be happy to customize your dish!

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Inside is a hash of shrimp and whatever white fish is fresh that day, along with curling vermicelli noodles, mushrooms turned meaty and a thick reduction of tomatoes. — ligaya mishan, New York Times, “A Menu of Moroccan Tradition, and Generosity, in Brooklyn,” 3 May 2018

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Rice vermicelli are a thin form of rice noodles. They are sometimes referred to as rice noodles, rice sticks, or bee hoon, but they should not be confused with cellophane noodles which are a different Asian type of vermicelli made from mung bean starch or rice starch rather than rice grains itself.

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Vermicelli (Italian: [vermiˈtʃɛlli], lit. “little worms”) is a traditional type of pasta round in section similar to spaghetti. In Italy vermicelli is slightly thicker than spaghetti, but in the United States it is instead slightly thinner.

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This is a refreshing noodle salad that is quick to make and super healthy at only 170 calories per serving. It goes perfectly with a simple grilled main such as Vietnamese Grilled Pork Cutlets or

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