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Browse our catalog of vinyl siding colors, styles and manufacturers. Get siding prices from siding contractors or learn how to install vinyl siding.

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What is the difference between Styles and Types?. Vinyl siding ‘styles’ are the different profiles, colors and textures that each ‘type’ of siding has. For example, clapboard or horizontal type siding has three main styles; dutch lap, beaded and smooth.

Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding for a house, used for decoration and weatherproofing, imitating wood clapboard, board and batten or shakes, and used instead of other materials such as aluminum or fiber cement siding.

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Photos of different types of vinyl siding for homes with top 2017 viny siding reviews, best installation tips and cost to side a house with vinyl.

While wood siding is fastened tightly to the house, vinyl siding literally hangs from nails driven through horizontal slots at the top of a panel’s nailing hem.

Vinyl siding for a beautiful home & better protection! Kaycan provides varieties of vinyl siding in different styles & finishes. Browse our styles here.

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Browse different vinyl siding colors by shade, siding style, or by various manufacturers. Newer darker choices are being shown on this page.

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