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Dubai: Two Palestinian teens were killed by the Israeli military on Thursday, Palestinian health officials said, in a wave of sparked last month when President Donald Trump recognised Occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Palestinian Health Ministry said 16-year-old Amir Abu Musaed

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March of the Living. BBYO Passport invites you to travel with thousands of teens from around the world on April 29 – May 13, 2019 for the premier Jewish event of the year.

A freak late-spring storm battered Israel for the second consecutive, as floods hit the southern resort town of Eilat, forcing the closure of the city’s airport and major highway leading into the city. At least nine high college students have died and several others went missing on Thursday when

After IDF helicopters, police, search and rescue teams and volunteers launched urgent search effort after group of college ren fall victim to torrential rains in the Negev during college trip, 15 extricated safely from the flash floods, while 10 others drown. Search and rescue teams, police and

A global craze for dressing up as evil clowns has hit Israel, but few are seeing the funny side.

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People light candles as they take part in a memorial ceremony in remembrance of 10 Israeli teens who lost their lives when they were caught in a flood in a riverbed near the Dead Sea, at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, on April 28, 2018.

Bouncy chairs, distraction-free décor, walled-off workstations, desks on wheels and a living green wall provide a winning educational environment.

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Jerusalem scribe Kalman Delmoor integrates Hebrew letters into his popular artwork: “I want to give over a creative way of Torah learning”

Dozens of Israeli teenagers have written a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling him that they will refuse to enlist for the military as they do not want to serve the country’s “occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.” The letter, published in one of Israel

On 12 June 2014, three Israeli teenagers were napped at the bus/hitchhiking stop at the Israeli settlement of Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion, in the West Bank, as they were hitchhiking to their homes.

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